Scientists suggested not to save Venice anymore, but to let it drown

(ORDO NEWS) — Human civilization has been built for hundreds, thousands of years. During this time, our ancestors managed to erect truly amazing monuments, buildings and cities. But time passes, and the conditions of life on Earth are rapidly changing. How much effort should we make to preserve heritage in this world? New work by researchers at North Carolina State University says we might need to revisit the classic answer to this question.

Rather than spending more and more resources on keeping Venice like Venice, a new proposal published in Climate Change magazine suggests that World Heritage sites should be allowed to transform as our world changes.

Historically, humanity’s efforts have almost always been focused on preserving heritage sites exactly as they were originally. But as the world around us continues to change, conservationists and researchers suggest that humanity’s best behavior is to accept the fact that nothing lasts forever.

In a new article, scientists argue that heritage sites “severely affected” by climate change can become a symbol that will remind humanity of the consequences of global warming, to which people have brought themselves.

The authors of the work are calling for a new classification of heritage properties, which they already call “World Heritage Sites for Climate Change.” “This designation will better help to identify objects at risk and direct resources to them, it’s almost like a list of endangered species of animals,” – comment the authors.


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