Antarctica will lose ice cover by 2035

(ORDO NEWS) — Climatologists are confident that Antarctica’s polar ice cap could melt by 2035. The research results are published in the scientific journal Nature Climate Change.

“The very possibility that by 2035 the Arctic may be left without ice cover, should force humanity to actively fight global warming,” said Louise Syme, a paleoclimatologist from the British Antarctic Survey and one of the study’s authors.

The forecast results were obtained using a computer model of the planet’s climate, data from various climate satellites, land-based meteorological stations and ocean buoys. Warming, the authors believe, will not bypass the Arctic and mountain glaciers. Even now, in territories with permanent glaciation, the temperature has risen by 4-9 ° C higher than in previous centuries.

Previously, the user discovered an unknown 122-meter ice-covered yacht off the coast of Antarctica. Commentators agreed that this is an abandoned Nazi base since World War II.


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