Researcher spoke about UFO crash in Italy before the incident in Roswell

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(ORDO NEWS) — Italian UFO researcher Roberto Pinotti claims to have documents related to an alleged UFO crash that occurred in Italy in the 1930s. This incident, according to Pinotti, preceded the famous Roswell disaster and was carefully hidden from the public.

The story of the incident takes place in Milan in 1932, when dictator Benito Mussolini demanded complete confidentiality regarding an “unknown aircraft”.

In response, a secret RS/33 research group was created under the leadership of Guglielmo Marconi, the great inventor of radio. It was this group that researched the discovered UFO and kept it secret for many years.

It is interesting to note that after the end of World War II and the fall of Italy, UFOs took over the United States. However, the fate of the mysterious object after this point remains unknown. What happened to the UFO after it was delivered to the USA? The question remains open and continues to excite researchers and ufologists.

Recently, Roberto Pinotti solved part of the mystery when he received an anonymous package containing a number of documents related to the Milan incident.

According to these documents, the UFO crash was carefully hidden from the public eye. Pinotti decided to share this information with the Daily Mail in order to draw attention to the mystery and try to unravel the fate of the UFO.

Many wonder: Why is such strict confidentiality and secrecy surrounding the UFO incidents? Why are governments hiding these events from us? The answers to these questions may be in the archives, which still hold many secrets.

Researchers are now working on deciphering the documents sent by Pinotti. We may soon learn more about the Milan incident and the fate of the mysterious UFO.

As long as the mystery remains unsolved, the passion for UFO research continues to grow. The story of the 1930s in Italy, as well as other incidents around the world, testifies to the fact that we still do not know much.


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