Scientists have told if people ever lived underground

(ORDO NEWS) — For a long time, there were various underground structures, but they could not be used for too long. The situation can be completely changed with the help of modern technologies. Even now, people move underground using the metro, but have they ever lived there?

It is reported by Live Science.

Scientists noted that underground life was not created for people, but at a certain period of time they still had to be there. Throughout the history of the existence of mankind, we have repeatedly had to descend under the surface and live there. Underground dwellings saved from extreme weather conditions, helped to reliably hide from enemies.

Some ancient people built entire cities to protect themselves from war and bad weather in this way. Every time there was some kind of emergency, the residents hid in their underground city.

Derinkuyu is considered to be the largest underground city in Cappadocia. It was built around the 7th-8th century AD and could accommodate almost 20 thousand people. The underground cities in this region are architectural wonders.

But not all people lived in such conditions. Some have used both natural and handcrafted caves. They are found in different parts of the world up to the present day.

Experts believe that modern people, although not enthusiastic about such an idea, may partly go underground in the next few decades. Already today, modern underground cities are being created, where there is everything necessary for a full-fledged human life.


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