Scientists have identified 16 types of sleep how do you sleep

(ORDO NEWS) — We each have our own sleep preferences. Someone likes to go to bed early, others prefer to wrap themselves in a blanket after midnight. As it turns out, there are 16 different types of sleep in total!

Scientists still have a poor understanding of all the processes behind sleep. However, one thing is important – sleep is vital

Sleep greatly affects the health and quality of daily life. A recent study classified 16 different types of sleep, and scientists hope this data can help us all live (and sleep) better.

A Japanese study published last month in the medical journal PNAS analyzed data from 103,200 people. The information was collected using special wearable devices that recorded the sleep pattern of each participant.

The scientists then classified the data using various criteria. For example, the time spent falling asleep, but when you are not actually sleeping yet.

In total, scientists divided the data into five large categories, called clusters. Each of them received a designation from 1 to 5.

People from the first group usually experienced insomnia, but they sleep long and wake up in the middle of the night. People in the fifth cluster sleep all night and do not sleep during the day. Each cluster is then divided into more detailed categories and subcategories.

The researchers believe that their system of categories can be quite useful. First, they helped scientists identify seven different types of insomnia, including four new types. It is also hoped that the patterns identified in this study will help us more easily diagnose sleep disorders.

Try to find your type!

Scientists have identified 16 types of sleep how do you sleep 2

The largest sleep groups:

1a – Insomnia with prolonged sleep and breaks during the night
2a – Irregular sleep schedule
2b – Fragmented short sleep
3a – Insomnia with normal sleep duration
3b – Insomnia with short sleep duration
4a – People who have one sleep/wake cycle longer than 24 hours
4b – Most people (has many subcategories)
5 – Normal sleep at night without falling asleep during daylight hours

Category 4b has been further subdivided into several sub-groups:

  • Lovers always sleep longer
  • Larks
  • “People with broken clocks” – those who sleep a lot only on weekends
  • Type of “pre-insomnia”: frequent falling asleep
  • Type of “pre-insomnia”: awakening during the night and the inability to fall asleep for a long time several times a night
  • Owls


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