Scientists told how dangerous lack of sleep and excess sleep are

(ORDO NEWS) — It turns out that lack of sleep threatens not only mental disorders, irritability and hallucinations.

The most serious consequence that can appear from a lack of sleep is the risk of early death. Scientists conducted research and found out the unpleasant truth.

No matter how severe the consequences of lack of sleep are, scientists are convinced that there is one small trick that will help neutralize them.

The research was conducted by scientists from Guangzhou Medical University.

Scientists studied the dangers of lack of sleep and excessive sleep. It turned out that they are both equally harmful to the body. And this was the first unusual discovery.

The author of the study, Zihua Zhang, said that a lack of sleep, as well as its excess, can cause a person’s early death. Sleep disorders are directly related to life expectancy.

90,000 people aged 40-73 took part in the study. Volunteer data were taken from the British Bank cohort. All of them wore a bracelet with an accelerometer for 7 days in a row.

At the same time, the study lasted for several years, and therefore the volunteers walked at different times with bracelets.

To analyze the information, sleep duration was divided into three groups. The first group is a short sleep (lasts less than 6 hours).

The second group of normal sleep (duration 6-8 hours). The third group, respectively, is long (lasts 8 or more hours).

Physical activity was divided into three categories: low, medium, high.

The results showed the following:

Over the years of observation, more than 3,000 people died, 1,074 of them from diseases of the heart and blood vessels. As early as 1871, the recipient died of cancer.

After all the calculations, scientists came to the conclusion that in people with low physical activity, as well as short or long sleep, the risk of early death increased by 16% and 37%.

In those who were moderately physically active, these risks were associated only with short sleep. If the physical activity of the recipients remained at a high level, then the duration of sleep had no effect on their health.

And this means that if you are physically active, like sports, hiking and walking, then you can not be afraid of dire consequences.


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