Scientists discovered the perfect place to live in the Milky Way

(ORDO NEWS) — A large-scale analysis of the Milky Way showed that at the other end of the galaxy 6 billion years ago there was an ideal environment for the origin of life. According to experts, a certain point in space and time would be the best habitat with maximum protection from gamma-ray bursts and supernovae.

The situation developed in such a way that 4 billion years ago the solar system became the safest, while 6 billion years ago this region of the galaxy was characterized by continuous explosive processes.

Supernova explosions and bursts of gamma radiation are so powerful that they can destroy all life on the planets in an instant. It was these explosive events that led to the mass extinctions 2.6 billion years ago and 359 million years ago.

To analyze the past, the evolution of our galaxy was modeled. As it turned out, the galaxy was filled with hydrogen and helium. It was from these gases that stars were formed, turning into supernovae or merging with each other. During these processes, heavy elements and metals were formed, which made the central area safer.

Initially, on the outskirts of the Milky Way, the least destructive explosions took place, over time, the situation improved in the center.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that NASA experts named the date of death of all life on Earth . Large-scale computer simulations carried out by NASA made it possible to find out how much more time humanity still has to find a new planet to inhabit.


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