The earth will be covered by a magnetic storm that will last ten days

(ORDO NEWS) — A powerful magnetic storm is expected this month, which will last ten days. The exact dates have been named when you need to carefully monitor your condition.

The storm will begin on March 12, during this and the following day, the magnetosphere will be actively excited. Meteorological strikes of the G1 level will then occur on the 15th, as well as 18-19. Minor fluctuations are expected on March 20 and 21.

Space weather has a negative impact on weather-sensitive people. They have headaches, irritability and sleepless nights, worsening mood. Doctors recommend protecting yourself from stress in every possible way, and also not overworking yourself. You need to walk more in the fresh air, to think positively.

It is important to give up alcohol and junk food. Coffee and energy drinks negatively affect the body. If you suffer from any chronic illness, you should always have the necessary medicines with you. The risk of relapse during magnetic storms increases.


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