Scientist spent 93 days at the bottom of the ocean and got 10 years younger

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(ORDO NEWS) — Retired naval officer Joseph Dituri spent 93 days living in a capsule of just over 9 m² in the depths of the Atlantic Ocean to study the effects of hermetic environments on the human body. Thus, he broke the previous world record of living under water for 73 days. This is reported by the Daily Mirror.

Having spent more than three months in the depths of the Atlantic Ocean, the scientist discovered the positive effect of hermetic environments on the human body. In particular, according to Dituri, he got 10 years younger.

After returning to land, Dituri was examined by medics, who measured his vital organs and telomeres, the sequences of DNA that attach to the ends of chromosomes.

Retired naval officer Joseph Dituri (2)

Dituri’s telomeres, which normally thin with age, were found to be 20% longer compared to when he took the plunge in March. In addition, the number of stem cells in the scientist increased 10 times.

Other positive effects were that Dituri now has about 60-66% deep sleep at night, a 72-point reduction in cholesterol, and a 50% reduction in inflammatory markers. In addition, his metabolism increased, which allowed the scientist’s body to become slimmer.

Retired naval officer Joseph Dituri (1)

Such impressive changes in Dituri’s physical health are associated with the effect of increased pressure, which is known to have a number of positive effects on the body. One similar form of treatment is a hyperbaric chamber, which improves brain function.

Dituri’s research allowed him to see how human bodies respond to increased pressure over a long period of time. Now the scientist urges other people to take advantage of hyperbaric medicine and improve their health.

“You need one of these places, cut off from outside activity. Send people here for a two-week retreat where they can wash their feet, relax and experience the benefits of hyperbaric medicine,” said Joseph Dituri.

Retired naval officer Joseph Dituri (3)


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