Russian military found the “invisible” American submarine in a couple of hours

(ORDO NEWS) — It took the Russian military just two hours to locate the American submarine Seawolf, which uses advanced stealth technology. From the very beginning of the search, the Russian servicemen did not even imagine where the American submarine could be.

The military from reconnaissance and anti-submarine aircraft were looking for the American submarine “Seawolf”, and in the end proved that there are no submarines in the world that could move unnoticed underwater, much less approach the borders of Russia.

Interestingly, earlier the commander of the US submarine forces Deril Claude said that their submarine “Seawolf” (“heaped up” with the latest technology – ed.), In principle, could not be detected. According to him, “Seawolf” can quietly approach the enemy and deliver crushing blows to him

Several years ago, information appeared in the media that Russia began sea tests of an air-independent power plant (VNEU), which, according to experts, marks the end of the era of US domination in the World Ocean.


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