US COVID-19 vaccine trial triggers unknown disease

(ORDO NEWS) — Pharmaceutical giant AstraZeneca has announced that trials of a newly developed coronavirus vaccine will soon be suspended due to the discovery of an unknown disease in one of the volunteers. The volunteer lives in the UK and has agreed to participate in the trial.

The company said it will take some time to review the safety data it receives and make sure that the vaccine does not pose any threat to human life and does not cause complications in the form of new diseases.

To date, there is information that the drug, which is in the third phase of trials in the United States, caused a “potentially unexplained disease” in one of the volunteers who participated in the trial. The company representatives added that such situations in rather serious tests can occur by accident, but you still need to carefully check everything.

That is why the company has decided to temporarily suspend trials of a new vaccine that will help get rid of the coronavirus. Earlier, it was reported that the representatives of the enterprise would not seek approval of the proposed vaccine and were initially going to receive data confirming the complete safety of the drug.

Initially, there was no information as to whether trials would be stopped only in the United States or in all those countries where AstraZeneca manufactures the drug. Also, there was no data on where exactly the demand to stop testing came from and how global it is. Sometime later, a company spokesman said that the tests would be stopped around the world.


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