Red-level magnetic storm covered the Earth – scientists warn of danger

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(ORDO NEWS) — According to Meteoagent, a powerful magnetic storm began on September 21 and 22, raising concerns about possible health risks and electrical problems. On September 23, hurricane activity will decrease, it will still be at a high level with a K-index of 6.

Although scientists have differing opinions about the impact of magnetic storms on human health, it is generally accepted that during these phenomena people experience symptoms such as headaches, general malaise, poor concentration, fatigue and mental problems.

Red level magnetic storm covered the Earth – scientists warn of danger

Dr Emily Johnson, renowned cardiologist, explains: “Magnetic storms can have profound effects on our bodies. Fluctuations in the Earth‘s magnetic field can disrupt the balance of ions in our cells, leading to a variety of physiological and psychological problems.”

Experts advise taking precautions during such periods to minimize possible health effects. Here are some recommendations:

1. Get Adequate Sleep: Getting enough sleep is critical to maintaining your overall well-being. Aim for 7-9 hours of quality sleep each night to maintain your body’s resistance to magnetic storms.

2. Maintain a regular daily routine: Establishing a regular daily routine helps the body adapt to external changes. If possible, stick to a regular schedule to provide stability and reduce stress.

3. Eat Healthy Foods and Drink Water: Eating a balanced diet rich in essential nutrients supports the immune system and helps mitigate the effects of magnetic storms. Additionally, staying hydrated is important to maintain overall health.

4. Engage in light physical activity: Walking outdoors can help you calm down and relax. However, during these periods it is important not to overexert yourself physically or emotionally.

Dr Sarah Thompson, a neurologist, advises: “If your symptoms worsen during a magnetic storm or you have concerns about your health, it is recommended to get plenty of rest and, if necessary, consult a doctor. They can make recommendations based on your circumstances.”

It should be noted that during magnetic storms, the number of calls to medical specialists, especially cardiologists, usually increases. Dr Mark Davis, a leading cardiologist, said: “People with pre-existing cardiovascular disease should be especially vigilant at this time. Fluctuations in the Earth’s magnetic field could potentially trigger heart attacks in those susceptible to them.”

In conclusion, although the exact impact of magnetic storms on human health is still a matter of debate among scientists, it is necessary to take precautions and prioritize self-care during these periods. Compliance with the recommendations given and seeking medical help if necessary will help minimize the potential risks associated with red level magnetic storms.


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