Mysterious ships in the desert: a mystery that cannot be solved

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(ORDO NEWS) — When we hear the phrase “ghost ship,” we usually imagine an abandoned ship with torn sails floating somewhere in the ocean. Sometimes these mysterious ships wash up on the shore, and there they continue to lie, gradually becoming covered with sand. But how to explain sea ships that are found from time to time in the middle of deserts?

Many reports of mysterious ancient wooden ships found in the middle of deserts came in the 19th and early 20th centuries from the state of California (USA). Local Indians regularly came across these mysterious ships, sometimes finding treasures in them. Legends about these ships have been circulating for at least several centuries, and none of the eyewitnesses could usually understand how these ships ended up in the desert.

The most famous place in the United States where mysterious ships are often seen is the Colorado Desert in California in the southwest of the country. Likewise, over the past two centuries, reports of ancient sailing ships dropped as if out of the sky onto desert rocks have come from the Sonoran Desert, spanning California and Arizona. Local Indians who occasionally came across these vessels described them as old, sun-dried and half-buried in the sand.

However, from their descriptions one could easily recognize, for example, Spanish galleons of the Middle Ages or Viking ships.

There is a hypothesis among ufologists that such mysterious ships are victims of abduction by aliens, for example, from the Bermuda Triangle area. This theory explains the fact that ships appear and disappear in such a mysterious manner. However, there is no scientific evidence yet to support this hypothesis.

Several times the Indians ventured into the wrecks of abandoned ships and even found treasures there. These stories were told not only by imaginative adventurers, but also by much more reliable eyewitnesses. One such story dates back to 1775, when a young mule driver, Tiburcio Mankerna, was hired on the desert expedition of Juan Baptista de Anza in search of an overland route from Sonora to Alta California, Upper California. One day, a guy accidentally came across a huge wooden ship with sails, which looked as if it had recently landed in the sands.

Mankerna was alone at that moment, and there were no other members of the expedition near him, so he decided to climb inside the ship in order to extract some benefit from it. And inside he actually came across many chests loaded with pearls and gold coins. “That day I was sent to starboard in search of a passable road to the ocean. Traveling at night due to the heat, I came across an ancient ship, in the hold of which there were so many pearls that it is impossible to imagine. Delighted with this wealth, I took what what I could carry, and abandoned my companions. I headed for the ocean and tried to go as far as my mule could carry me. I went on a hike through the steep western mountains. Having found shelter and food among the Indians, I finally reached Mission San Luis -Ray. Since then I have been looking for this ship all my life.”

However, no matter how many times Mankerna returned to the desert again and again, he could not find the very ship from which he took too little treasure. Either he didn’t remember the way well, or the ship was completely covered with sand, or it disappeared as mysteriously as it appeared the first time.

While many stories of mysterious ships in the California desert remain a mystery, there are a number of scientific explanations that may help understand the phenomenon. One hypothesis suggests that these ships could have ended up in the desert after severe floods or earthquakes, which carried them a considerable distance from the coast. Another theory links the appearance of ships to atmospheric phenomena such as tornadoes or waterspouts, which are capable of lifting objects into the air and carrying them over long distances.

Although the answer to the question of the origin of the mysterious ships in the California desert remains unknown, these mysterious finds continue to attract the attention and interest of researchers and mystery lovers. Perhaps in the future scientists will be able to find answers to these mysteries and reveal all the secrets of ancient ships in the desert.


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