UFO Secrets revealed: Citizen scientists join the search for extraterrestrial intelligence

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(ORDO NEWS) — A team of researchers led by Beatriz Villarroel initiated a pioneering citizen science project called Vanishing and Emerging Sources over a Century of Observation (VASCO).

The project, which is part of the larger Galileo project, aims to study the possibility of the existence of extraterrestrial objects observing the Earth. By scanning old photographic plates from before the advent of artificial satellites, the team hopes to identify objects that appear and disappear over time, which may indicate their artificial origin.

The VASCO project invites the public to actively participate in the online image research and report any unusual findings. The joint work is aimed at detecting anomalous objects and events that may be associated with the activities of extraterrestrial intelligence. By doing so, we hope to shed light on the age-old question of whether we are alone in the Universe.

Searching Beyond Trash: A Unique Approach

One of the main problems that researchers face when searching for extraterrestrial objects in Earth’s orbit is the abundance of space debris that clutters our space today. To overcome this obstacle, the VASCO project uses data from sky observations made before the late 1950s, when artificial satellites were launched. Using this data, the team aims to increase their chances of finding something unusual.

Despite the promise of the project, the researchers acknowledge that there are many natural explanations for the appearance of fleeting objects in the sky. Meteors, comets, asteroids, variable stars, and data glitches are just a few examples of potential phenomena that could be responsible for such observations. However, scientists remain hopeful that their efforts will lead to intriguing finds and perhaps even evidence of extraterrestrial intervention.

Historical inspiration: The spark that ignited curiosity

The VASCO project is inspired by a significant event that occurred in 1954, when the US Air Force discovered two mysterious objects in orbit 400-600 miles from Earth. After weeks of research, astronomer Lincoln La Paz determined that the objects were just meteors.

However, this incident aroused public interest and concern regarding the possibility of artificial Earth satellites, especially after the Soviet Union launched Sputnik 1 in 1957.

Given this historical context, researchers hope to not only unravel the mysteries of the universe, but also arouse scientific curiosity among the public. They believe that science projects like VASCO can advance astronomy and astrobiology by deepening understanding of our place in the cosmos.

We quote the experts:

– Beatriz Villarroel, lead researcher “We expect that over time the project will yield many interesting finds, perhaps even some anomalous objects and events – could aliens be responsible for any of this?”
– VASCO Network Statement: “The goal of our project is to explore the possibility of extraterrestrial intelligence and contribute to increasing scientific literacy. Together we can unravel the secrets of the Universe.”


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