Prunes can become the main product for effective weight loss

(ORDO NEWS) — The results of a study by American nutritionists who discovered an extremely unexpected property of prunes appeared on the network.

According to experts, this product has the property of reducing cravings for sweets. And from this immediately follows two useful points for those who want to lose weight: firstly, prunes are an excellent snack; secondly, thanks to this, dried fruit can help those with a sweet tooth more effectively get rid of extra pounds.

In addition, prunes are rich in natural antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and fiber. So, one little thing contains about 3.5 g of natural sugars and 0.5 g of fiber.

Recall that earlier American doctors and nutritionists called the beneficial effects of eating fish twice a week. Since this product is rich in omega-3 acids, it can be used to fight age-related changes in the brain.


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