Expert called simple but effective ways to protect against hackers

(ORDO NEWS) — Cybersecurity expert Aleksey Lukatsky named three simple but effective ways to protect against hackers.

According to the expert, these methods are suitable for a user of any level. Lukatsky was the first to name the regular updating of all applications installed on devices.

To do this, just put the appropriate checkmark in the settings and applications will receive updates in a timely manner and close loopholes for hackers.

In the second way, the expert considers a long password consisting of at least 10 characters. As the expert noted, this may just be a set of characters, this is already enough to protect yourself from the simple enumeration of passwords used by hackers. But it is important that it is not a word.

The third effective way, according to Lukatsky, is multi-factor authentication. This authorization method must be configured on all important services, “Government Services”, in online banking, etc.

At the same time, the specialist noted that the advice of experts on information and cyber security becomes obsolete immediately after users have heard about them – hackers also do not sit still. Therefore, the expert advised to always apply the main principle – distrust.

Thanks to him, a person always looks at letters in e-mail, messages from certain services, SMS, etc., as something suspicious. And it can help at a critical moment.


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