In Japan, a “smart” ferry passed 240 km offline

(ORDO NEWS) — The Japanese company Shin Nihonkai Ferry, in collaboration with Mitsubishi Shipbuilding, has developed the first unmanned car ferry Soleil.

The ship was created as part of the Smart Coastal Ferry project. The ferry is equipped with unmanned navigation and engine health monitoring systems for uninterrupted operation, infrared sensors to identify other vessels even at night. In addition, Soleil has a mooring system that can be done offline.

The ship was first launched on July 1, 2021, and since then it has regularly sailed a 240 km route along the Inland Sea of ​​Japan under the control of the captain.

During each flight, the navigation system recorded all data for movement without human intervention in the future.

As reported, on January 17, as part of the tests, the ferry for the first time passed the entire route in autonomous mode.

The speed reached 26 knots, or 48.15 km / h, the ferry route took 7 hours. The length of the vessel is 222 meters.


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