Previously unknown tsunami hazard identified in coastal cities

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(ORDO NEWS) — As you know, tsunamis appear due to coastal tectonic plate shifts. Areas adjacent to faults crossing internal spills are very hazardous locations. There is a high risk of a tsunami. San Francisco Bay, Izmit Bay and Al Aqaba Bay are at risk worldwide.

Two professors, Ahmed Elban (University of Illinois) and Address Rozakis (California Institute of Technology), conducted the study using computer simulations of the tsunami.

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Rozakis said that earlier after the big tsunamis, scientists believed that the earthquake could provoke underwater landslides. A shear error occurs when two rock blocks after shear are horizontal to each other. He cited the San Andreas Fault as an example.

In 2018, Indonesia had a 7.5 magnitude earthquake. It triggered a massive tsunami in the city of Palu. A giant wave washed away everything in its path. An earthquake struck along the fault and caused a terrible tsunami. This example confirms the theory of scientists.

The study itself is unique because it examines a specific situation, and not a general picture of the relationship between earthquakes and tsunamis. This model makes it possible to predict the consequences of a disaster anywhere in the world.

Northern California, Turkey and Egypt have experienced such earthquakes and their aftermath in the past. The situation remains difficult, since they are located in the areas of horizontal faults.

Scientists hope the study will help save millions of lives in the event of a cataclysm.


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