Stool disorder and nausea: coronavirus has new symptoms

(ORDO NEWS) — From the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic to today, many transformations have taken place with Covid-19. Doctors note changes in the symptoms of the disease.

Natalia Ivanchenko, epidemiologist and general director of the Lviv regional center of the Ministry of Health, spoke in more detail about these changes. 

This was reported by RBC Ukraine.

So among the most common symptoms are stool disorder and nausea. Also on the list of common signs of the presence of coronavirus in the human body are:

  • loss of smell and taste;
  • elevated temperature;
  • shortness of breath;
  • weakness.

Many patients complain of a lack of oxygen, the doctor notes. Today, new strains of the virus show themselves poorly. While the disease progresses in the body (and it develops very quickly), a person suffers from 1-2 symptoms. 

The percentage of patients in whom the disease proceeds without obvious symptoms has increased. Then the clinical picture changes dramatically. A person is admitted to the hospital in critical condition. 

Now more and more people with Convid-19 complain of migraines and nausea and general weakness. Abdominal pain can also indicate the presence of coronavirus.

Now a British strain of the virus is raging in Ukraine. It is characterized by a shorter incubation period but higher infectivity. 


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