The world’s outstanding geneticist sells his DNA

(ORDO NEWS) — George Church, one of the most important geneticists in the world, a molecular engineer and professor at the Harvard School of Medicine, has put up his DNA for sale. But he did it in an unusual way – he sells it as an NFT token. George plans to get a good price for it at the auction.

Reported by National Geographic.

George Church is known to the world not only for his achievements in the field of genetic engineering.

This man became the founder of the Human Genome Project. He is one of the first people on the planet to have a fully sequenced genome. Two years later, he launched another project called Personal Genome. George is the first in the world to publish his DNA and medical history. Information has become very much in demand for physicians.

Today, this scientist wants ordinary people to be able to control their health and scientists have access to important information. To do this, he tied projects to a cryptocurrency that he personally created. Thus, the scientist gave everyone a chance to sequence their DNA into tokens and decide how to dispose of them further.

NFT token is now gaining great popularity, its value is growing in arithmetic progression.

A man’s DNA token is incredibly valuable. The genome has gone through a lot of research, has been used in authoritative articles, and is considered a turning point in science. Naturally, a round sum will be paid for it at the auction.


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