Pope recalled the Fatima prophecies concerning Russia

(ORDO NEWS) — The Pope prayed in Rome, asking the higher powers to end the crisis. He also asked the heavens to remove a possible nuclear conflict from the planet.

Prayer took place in the Cathedral of St. Peter in the presence of 3.5 thousand parishioners. Then he prayed for a long time in complete solitude.

Addressing the audience with a speech, he remembered the Fatima prophecies concerning Russia.

Fatima prophecies

In the summer of 1917, Our Lady appeared three times in Portugal to three children. It happened near the village of Fatima. In particular, the Mother of God revealed three secrets to the children, one of which concerned Russia.

But the “Russian part” of the prophecy is rather stingy. The Mother of God announces that the First World War will soon end. But, if people do not stop offending God, a new war will begin, even worse.

Russia could have prevented such a scenario. The Mother of God announced that from now on Russia becomes her lot (this, by the way, coincides with the Orthodox tradition). If Russia turns to God, there will be no war.

In fact, the focus has always been on the third prophecy, which the Vatican decided to reveal only in 2000. The published part spoke about the persecution of priests for their faith.

Many wondered why the prophecy was hidden for so long, and decided that not all or not that was published.

It is not entirely clear how the Russian part of the prophecy, concerning only the events of that time, applies to today. Critics also point out that the prophecies were written down by one of the witnesses (she became a nun) only in 1941-1943, when the events described had already occurred.

However, most agree that the nun who wrote down the prophecies was sincere and tried to convey exactly what she heard. And if the third prophecy is indeed not published in full, perhaps it was in it that Russia was spoken of, and that was what the Pope had in mind.


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