An English woman hid a birthmark on her face from her fiancé for five years

(ORDO NEWS) — For several years, a resident of England hid from her fiancé the peculiarity of her face, because of which she suffered persecution in childhood. Her story is published by the Daily Mail.

Emily Hallett said she suffered throughout her life due to a birthmark covering almost half of her face. According to the Englishwoman, at school she was attacked by her peers, because of which she had to change educational institutions.

Upon reaching the age of majority, the heroine of the material decided to hide the peculiarity of her skin with the help of cosmetics, fearing that otherwise she would not be able to start relationships with young people.

“I didn’t expect to meet anyone. However, makeup made me more confident as I was able to hide the birthmark,” she explained.

An English woman hid a birthmark on her face from her fiance for five years 2

It is known that at the moment Hallett has been dating his partner Adam (last name is not specified) for five years. In an interview with the publication, she admitted that she had never appeared before him without foundation on her face.

According to the Englishwoman, every morning she has to get up before the groom wakes up to apply makeup. In addition, the girl uses concealers immediately after the shower. However, she decided to tell her lover about her secret.

“My partner has never seen me without makeup. But he knows about the birthmark, because it can be seen even under a layer of makeup. I hate this fact, it disgusts me, ”complained Hallett, who raises funds on the GoFundMe platform to undergo treatment and get rid of the disease.

Earlier in March, it became known about coach Quinn McMillian, who for many years was embarrassed by a birthmark and found a way to solve the problem by making a tattoo around it.

The girl said that for a long time she did not dare to wear clothes that open her legs because of her peculiarity. However, the tattoo changed her life: according to McMillian, she fell in love with her body and began to choose outfits that she likes.


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