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One nasal vaccine against COVID-19 was not enough

One nasal vaccine against COVID 19 was not enough

(ORDO NEWS) — But, as always, there are exceptions.

In the near future, a nasal vaccine against COVID-19 should enter civilian circulation. But how many times will it need to be “grafted”?

The director of the Gamaleya Research Center for Epidemiology and Microbiology, Alexander Gintsburg, decided to answer this question.

According to the specialist, the nasal preparation will be similar to Sputnik V – it will also be two-component. But if a person decides to use it as a booster, then one component will be enough.

Answering a question about the timing of the appearance of a new type of vaccine for Russians, Gunzburg called 2022 the most realistic year.

Recall that earlier the specialist shared advice on which drug should be chosen for re-vaccination. In his opinion, “Sputnik V” is an excellent option for older people who want to be revaccinated. Gunzburg urged the rest of the citizens to use Sputnik Light.


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