A new strain of COVID-19 may cause a new wave of the pandemic

(ORDO NEWS) — The Omicron XBB.1.5 coronavirus strain, which has become the dominant strain in the United States in just a few weeks and has already been detected in 29 countries, may cause a new wave of infections around the world. At least that’s what the WHO says.

Maria Van Kerkhove (WHO representative) claims that the health care organization is seriously concerned about the rate of spread of Omicron HCV.1.5.

For example, in the USA it has already become a leader and very quickly changed other variants of the virus circulating.

Today, Omicron XVV.1.5 has already been detected in 29 countries, but the number of countries may be even greater.

It is not yet known whether the number of hospitalizations and deaths due to the disease will increase. Immunity from vaccines, natural immunity can significantly reduce negative consequences.

Currently, the WHO is engaged in analyzing the severity of the course of the Omicron XVV.1.5 coronavirus. The report will be published on the website in the coming days.

What is happening in China due to COVID-19

Maria Van Kerkhove also criticized the mortality monitoring carried out in China. The WHO is sure that the given figures do not correspond to reality.

Back in December 2022, only 22 deaths from the new variant of COVID were registered in the Celestial Empire.

The fact is that in this country the decision was made to narrow the criteria for the classification of fatal cases.

The whole world is watching the wave of protests and strict quarantine measures in China.

Doctors are unable to cope with the workload, hospitals are overcrowded , and the Chinese authorities say that everything is under control.

The EU is no less concerned than the WHO. A meeting of European Union experts took place the other day.

Now these countries plan to introduce a mandatory test for COVID-19 among passengers coming from China.


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