A woman found a message from 1979 in the house she bought

(ORDO NEWS) — Stories about how people find treasure, letters or ancient relics during renovations in the house always stir minds.

You want to immediately start repairs in your apartment or house, and suddenly something interesting will be found there too.

For example, you can find a letter 43 years ago, as it happened to one American woman from Phoenix.

A woman moved into a house and decided to make changes in the bathroom.

During the renovation, she found a letter that is almost 50 years old! It was dated May 23, 1979. It was written by a certain Rudolph Matejka.

No matter how strange it sounds, the message also talked about repairs, about the fact that new tiles should be laid in the bathroom.

The author of the letter also talks about the fact that Carter is the current US president, and America is going bankrupt.

It is also interesting that the author addressed the letter to the future owners, that is, he actually made a time capsule in his house.

Of course, such a find does not compare with paintings and gold jewelry that are sometimes found.

In fairness, it should be noted that the American woman was pleasantly surprised to find an ancient message in the walls of her bathroom.

The woman decided to find information about Rudolph Matejko and learned that he died in 1989 at the age of 87. During his life, the man was a postman, born in Chicago, lived in Phoenix.

He has a rather large family: two daughters, two stepdaughters and a stepson, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and sisters.

The American woman shared the find on social networks. Commentators immediately began to advise her on how to proceed. Someone offered to find Rudolph’s relatives and give them the letter.

There were also those who advised to add a couple of lines from themselves and hide this message in the bathroom again for future owners.


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