Omicron learned to bypass the natural “antivirus” of the human body

(ORDO NEWS) — Genetic scientist Dmitry Pruss, working in Salt Lake City, USA, spoke about the features of the COVID-19 omicron strain. For example, a fresh mutation has learned to infect people in a new way.

It does this by entering the cells of certain tissues of the body through the vesicles of endosomes. Moreover, it was previously thought that this was practically impossible.

It was believed that it was difficult for viruses to do this. There , in endosomes , there is a very dangerous environment for the virus, there are all sorts of enzymes that bite through viruses.

Dmitry Pruss

According to the specialist, omicron has found a way, so far unknown to science, to suppress these anti-virus processes.

At the same time, the level of understanding by scientists of what viruses will be capable of in the future depends on the study of this specific process, the geneticist believes.


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