New faults found in Nepal: they can cause a catastrophic earthquake

(ORDO NEWS) — Experts from the University of Alberta in Edmonton, which is in Canada, have discovered several new faults at the foot of the Himalayan Range. Scientists are confident that these cracks in the future may cause an incredibly strong earthquake in the region, which is currently considered densely populated.

The faults discovered by specialists indicate the fact that in fact tectonic movement occurs about 40 km to the south than previously thought. The fault network is also evidence that the Himalayas continue to warp and new mountain ranges may soon appear.

During the study, scientists used seismic profiles. This is a special image of slices of the earth’s surface. The profiles were collected long ago by recording sound waves that bounced off sedimentary layers beneath the Ganges River.

For the past 100 million years, the Indian subcontinent has moved steadily northward. In the last 50 million years, it gradually began to head towards Asia, which became the cause of the formation of the Himalayan Range. Today this mountain range is considered the largest in the world. At the moment, India continues to move 2 centimeters a year towards Asia.

Due to the fact that the movement of the plates is too intermittent, this can trigger a strong earthquake. Since this region is densely populated, it will be a real disaster.

In 2015, Nepal already had a strong earthquake – about 8 points. Then a huge number of buildings were destroyed. About 8 thousand people died and another 14 were seriously injured.


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