Mysterious, indestructible “black box” will witness and record the end of the world

(ORDO NEWS) — At the far end of the Earth – somewhere on the remote Australian island of Tasmania – is a strange structure that will witness and record the end of the world as we know it.

The Black Box of the Earth project is a giant steel installation that will soon be filled with solar-powered hard drives, each of which will document and store in real time a stream of scientific updates and analytics on the darkest challenges facing peace.

Information related to climate change, species extinction, environmental pollution and the impact on human health will be recorded in a monolithic structure – so that if one day some future society finds this archive, it can piece together everything that happened to our planet.

If we do not radically change our way of life, climate change and other anthropogenic hazards will lead to the collapse of our civilization, “explains the website of the Black Box of the Earth.

The “Black Box of the Earth” will record our every step on the way to this disaster. Hundreds of datasets, measurements and interactions related to the health of our planet will be continuously collected and securely stored for future generations. ”

In some ways, the crate, reminiscent of the brutalist design of the famous Norwegian Doomsday Vault, actually serves a slightly additional purpose.

If the Svalbard Global Seed Vault is a fortress designed to protect the world’s vital seed backup in case the worst happens, then Earth’s Black Box is meant to be a permanent record of the world’s trajectory towards a dire situation.

“The idea is that if the Earth is wrecked by climate change, then this indestructible recording device will be there for those left behind to learn from it,” said Jim Curtis, executive creative director of marketing agency Clemenger BBDO, Australia. Broadcasting Corporation (ABC).

This mysterious indestructible black box will witness and record the end of the world 2

“It is also necessary for leaders to be held accountable – so that their actions or inactions are recorded.”

The project – a collaboration between Clemenger BBDO, creative agency The Glue Society and researchers at the University of Tasmania – is due to be completed in an undisclosed location in early 2022, but the box’s systems are already partially active as they are “recording live” environmental updates as part of beta testing.

According to the creators of the box, its meaning is to help humanity move away from doomsday scenarios, and the very existence of the installation will prompt modern society to take more progressive and responsible actions in relation to climate and environmental protection.

“When people know they are being recorded, it affects what they do and say,” Jonathan Kneebone of The Glue Society told ABC.

“This is our role – to be for everyone on the outskirts of consciousness.”

This mysterious indestructible black box will witness and record the end of the world 1

While Black Box of the Earth may be viewed by some as a publicity stunt aimed at getting people’s attention, as opposed to a serious scientific documentary project, there is no doubt that the world urgently needs more attention and action on these issues, regardless of whether how these eyes will be attracted.

In a world where ice sheets are destabilizing in response to unprecedented levels of global warming, where greenhouse gas emissions are directed the wrong way where water ends and where animals are disappearing at such a rate that scientists say we have entered our planet’s sixth mass extinction. now is not the time to look away.

The purpose of the device is to provide an impartial account of the events that led to the death of the planet, to hold responsibility for future generations and inspire urgent action, “- say the creators of the Black Box of the Earth.

“How this story ends depends only on us.”


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