Brightest comet of 2021 will approach the Earth on December 12

(ORDO NEWS) — Comet Leonard, which experts discovered not so long ago, will come close enough to our planet in December this year. Previously, she was already approaching the Earth. It was possible to observe a space object 70 thousand years ago.

It will be possible to view the comet without any problems after sunset in the Northern Hemisphere. This will require a telescope or regular binoculars. The cosmic body is different in that it has a long green tail. Astronomers say this hue could indicate that the comet is getting very hot. In addition, it contains a fairly large amount of diatomic carbon and cyanide. Experts note that we can talk about a high probability of its disintegration.

The comet will be closest to Earth on December 12. The distance will be only 35 million kilometers. On December 14, residents of North America and the Southern Hemisphere will be able to observe the object. You can also see the green comet at Christmas.

Comet Leonard was discovered on January 3 this year. It received this name in honor of the scientist Gregory J. Leonard. In the catalog, the object has a different name – C / 2021. Then, when the space body was fixed, it was incredibly dim, but the closer the comet flies to the Earth, the brighter it becomes. Experts assume that at some moments it will be possible to notice it even without the help of special optical equipment.

The comet has a hyperbolic orbit. After it flies past the Sun, it will be thrown out of the solar system and this object will no longer approach our planet. The object is now flying at a speed of about 255 thousand kilometers per hour.

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