Mysterious creature found on the coast of Australia

(ORDO NEWS) — The strange swollen mass looks more like a mythical creature from the movie Alien than any real animal.

An unusual beast was found by Alex Tan from Queensland when he was walking along the beach of Maroochydore. He shared the photo on social media, commenting on the find: “I stumbled upon something strange. It looks like what some people might call an alien.”

There are many options for who was seen. Wilder speculations included a “mini-Chupacabra” and “an extinct marsupial,” the source writes.

According to Russell Bicknell, a marine biologist at the University of New England in Australia, it’s either a kangaroo or a wallaby, a group of species of marsupial mammals in the kangaroo family that are generally smaller than kangaroos. “Whatever it is,” he said, “it has been in the water for a very long time.”

There is another opinion. “I would say that this is a brushtail that has lost all its fur,” said Sandy Inglesbly, an employee of the Australian Museum. She suggests that the skull of the find definitely corresponds to the skull of this animal, the proportions of the limbs and tail to the body also prove that it is him.

Be that as it may, while experts do not agree on who was seen on the coast of Australia.


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