Meeting of a US Air Force military helicopter with a UFO

(ORDO NEWS) — Incredibly, the US Army did not prevent Coyne and his subordinates from telling about what happened, and moreover, Coyne was allowed to tell about the UFO incident to the United Nations in 1978.

In 1975, a crew of four from an army reserve helicopter flew over Mansfield, Ohio at about 11:00 pm when they “collided with an unidentified flying object in the air,” according to an official report signed and submitted by the crew after the incident.

Helicopter commander Major Larry Coyne:

“We were flying at an altitude of about 762 meters when we noticed a red light on the eastern horizon. Then the light began to approach the helicopter and it approached us on a collision course.

I looked to the right and noticed that the object became larger and the light became brighter, and I began to lower the helicopter towards the ground to avoid a collision. We descended, and this object flew at us at a perpendicular angle.

It looked like we were about to collide with him and we braced ourselves to strike, and then I heard the crew from behind say, “Look up! “And I noticed that this machine stopped right in front of us – stopped – it was hovering right above the helicopter!”

As an unknown object hovered in the air above the helicopter, Coyne and his crew suddenly noticed a light emanating from its stern – light that turned 90 degrees and entered their cockpit.

“It was a bright green light. And all the red night lights that we use for night navigation disappeared into this green light – the whole cockpit turned green. He punched us all right in the face.

This ship, from the angle from which we saw it, was in the shape of a cigar. It had no wings, vertical or horizontal stabilizer, and the UFO was approximately 18 meters long and 15-20 feet 6 meters high.

We were at an altitude of 518 meters at that moment. Then this apparatus began to slowly move west of us. At this time, I was worried that we would fall to the ground, and I looked at my altimeter, and our helicopter was already at an altitude of 1066 meters, gaining an altitude of 304 meters per minute by itself. We climbed from 518 meters to 1066 meters in a matter of seconds and did not even know about it! ”

The helicopter reached a maximum altitude of 1158 meters, and the four men felt the impact, “similar to turbulence, at which point we again took control of the helicopter. I got control and we went down 762 meters and then continued on to Cleveland.”

“As for the UFO itself, it is an aircraft that can move at an astonishing speed of over 1000 knots and then stop in place, maintain altitude, change altitude, ascend, descend. I think if he wanted to face us, he could do it. There is no escape from this – you don’t have much time to react!”

The credibility of this case was brought by eyewitnesses on the ground who observed a UFO collision with a helicopter. The army did not stop Coyne and his team from sharing their experiences. In fact, Coyne was allowed to report the UFO incident to the United Nations in 1978.


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