A threat has been discovered that will turn the Earth into a lifeless stone

(ORDO NEWS) — Despite the fact that all living things need solar heat, one day the star will begin to die and turn our planet to stone. Scientists managed to establish exactly when this will happen.

Space agency NASA has provided data that the Sun has passed about half of its entire life cycle to date. It constantly burns a huge amount of fuel, and this process cannot go on forever. Scientists believe that the sun will run out of hydrogen reserves and internal gravity will become stronger than external forces. Because of this, the star will gradually begin to expand, and its temperature will decrease. NASA predicts that the Sun will become almost 2,000 times brighter, and its heat will turn the Earth into a lifeless stone. Gradually, water and atmosphere on our planet will begin to disappear.

Mercury and Venus will also suffer. The only places where people can hide from the scorching Sun are Saturn and Jupiter. But that would only be a temporary solution.

The duration of the annihilating phase can take billions of years and only then the Sun will turn into a planetary nebula after the ejection of the gas shell. But before the star begins to pose a threat to our planet, many more billions of years may pass.


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