Martian satellite photographed the deepest canyon in the solar system

(ORDO NEWS) — The network has a photo of the largest canyon in the solar system. It was made by the Mars Express satellite, which is currently orbiting the Red Planet.

A snapshot of the epic geological structure known as the Mariner Valley has been released by the European Space Agency.

It is 20 times wider than the Earth’s Grand Canyon, and also ten times longer and seven times deeper. Unlike the Grand Canyon, Mariner Valley was most likely created by drifting tectonic plates rather than water currents.

The biggest canyon

The photograph of the canyon system was taken back in April. It shows a deep, sandy-orange bay outlined by jagged rocks and pitted with meteorite impact craters.

Vale Marinera is located northeast of the Tarsis region and stretches along the equator. The total length of the structure is 4,000 kilometers.

Mars Express has been orbiting the red planet since 2003, occasionally photographing the surface. During this time, the satellite took a lot of interesting pictures – both ordinary and sometimes creepy, around which people began to build conspiracy theories, invent stories about the alien origin of Martian structures, and so on.

In May , photos of what viewers said looked almost like “giant scratches from the monster’s claws” were posted online.

  • Recall that recently, after a series of experiments, scientists realized that for many years they were looking for traces of life on Mars in the wrong place
  • Mars Express received an update in Windows 98 19 years after launch
  • And the Curiosity rover spotted something very similar to a doorway, causing the whole world to speculate about its origin


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