Man sheltered 45 stray dogs

(ORDO NEWS) — There are many dogs in the world that do not have a home. This is a sad reality, but even though special services try to save dogs and put them in shelters, it is difficult for volunteers to give dogs enough love and care, because there are so many of them.

If it seems to you that two dogs is already a lot, just look at what is happening at this man’s house…

The fact that many dogs do not have homes and loving owners just killed Canadian Mark Starmer. Therefore, he immediately took away… 45 dogs!

man sheltered 45 stray dogs 2

Of course, Mark is not entirely insane. He did not shelter a dozen dogs in a cramped apartment. The man took this step because his land allowed him, which is large enough for dogs to frolic on it.

man sheltered 45 stray dogs 3

To make the dogs (and Mark himself and his family) comfortable, the man built a 1.6-hectare enclosure in the backyard. But dogs can play with pleasure throughout the site. Although sometimes, they still look at home…

man sheltered 45 stray dogs 4

man sheltered 45 stray dogs 5

Interestingly, this experience changed Mark so much that the man even wrote a novel called “Some Dogs Are Angels” to describe his path in detail.


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