Labradors teach cheetahs self-confidence

(ORDO NEWS) — Despite the fact that cheetahs seem to be very bloodthirsty predators, in fact, these animals are very sensitive.

Cats are often anxious and stressed, which affects their development when it comes to cubs. But experts have found a way that can help animals overcome trouble!

Labradors often become dogs for emotional therapy in humans, however, as it turns out, they can “work” with other animals.

After studying the behavior of cheetah cubs at the St. Louis Zoo, USA, scientists concluded that the animals need therapy to help them deal with stress.

Of course, wild animals cannot be sent for an appointment with a psychologist, so they decided to send to the aviary for cats… Labradors, who work as “dogs for emotional support.”

Labradors teach cheetahs self confidence 2

“This is a love story of one species helping another species survive,” said Jack Grisham, vice president of the St. Louis Zoo and coordinator of the North American Cheetah Survival Program.

Labradors teach cheetahs self confidence 3

“Dogs that take on a dominant role become ‘caregivers’ because African animals are instinctively quite shy.

When you combine a cheetah cub with a guide dog in the same enclosure, the baby looks at the dog for clues and learns to model its behavior. It’s about making them feel that calm, carefree vibe from a dog,” zoo officials say.

Labradors teach cheetahs self confidence 4


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