Is man a hybrid created by aliens?

(ORDO NEWS) — According to one of the now popular theories, it was the aliens who created man. Indeed, man is a very strange creature, very different from other mammals and living beings in general, following not intellect, but instincts.

According to this theory, aliens came to Earth a long time ago and started the experiment.

They artificially created a person from several completely different components, which poses certain questions for modern researchers when studying the genome.

That is, if a person is synthesized artificially, then he is essentially a synthetic robot. And he will not become one sometime in the future – but already now he is. Man is synthetic, and in this he differs from animals.

Is man a hybrid created by aliens 2

The most difficult thing was to give a person reason, spirit and free will, the ability to create, invent. Moreover, within the framework of a given experimental program.

All the problems of the human intellect are also implanted in our consciousness for a specific purpose, just as a laboratory mouse is placed in front of a labyrinth that must find a way out.

Please note that man is extremely imperfect and poorly adapted to life on Earth. By the way, this is one of the reasons why we are considered creatures with alien genes.

It turns out that we are from somewhere else – either from Mars, or from Phaethon, or, for example, from a hypothetical Nibiru…

Judge for yourself, man is the only “animal” that walks vertically on two legs (there are even four-armed ones, but there are no more two-legged ones).

It is very difficult for a man, unlike animals, to give birth – whether this is a consequence of the extraterrestrial nature of some of our genes, human hybridity.

And it doesn’t look like apes (our supposed ancestors) ever evolved into humans, they’re fine anyway…

Is man a hybrid created by aliens 3

Only man learned to speak. We have an unusually long gestation period for the fetus, reaching puberty.

In general, a person is poorly adapted to life on Earth – weak, slow, without skin and fur, without claws and fangs, and at first there were few of us at all…

And only the mind made us masters on the planet… But our mind is also very strange.

Animal instincts still live in us, and it is not clear where the evil came from – we are the only ones on the planet who can consciously act to the detriment of ourselves and our entire species.

Not a single living creature on the planet kills its own kind en masse, unlike people…

And in the end, a situation is quite possible when a person completely destroys himself. Are these traces of a destructive program that was originally embedded in us, designed to protect the aliens who conducted the experiment?

Is man a hybrid created by aliens 4

Otherwise, the experiment would lose its meaning and become dangerous for the experimenters themselves. But, apparently, it took a long time to launch even this program.

According to the Greek myths, before the advent of our iteration of humanity, three whole generations of people also had to be rejected by the program of self-destruction embedded in them.

According to the legends, there were others before our humanity. For example, these were giant stone trolls. But they were clumsy, stupid and cold-blooded.

The aliens decided to destroy them, although, according to legend, some of them managed to hide in the mountains and merge with the stones, like chameleons hiding in the foliage.

Is man a hybrid created by aliens 5

Ancient people (Neanderthals) somehow did not please the aliens. Obviously, they already wanted to create a person with all the necessary qualities (as friends or servants – right away, without any preliminary stages.

In the end, our alien geneticists realized that it would not be possible to get ready-made humanity just like that, it must go through some stages development, the direct intervention of an alien civilization in our development was also assumed.

Aliens as “gods” began to teach people knowledge, the system of ethics, introduced the first taboos (prohibitions). And thus they created acceptable conditions for their experiment.

And after thousands and thousands of years, humanity finally found its true form. Aliens were initially interested in interacting with the smaller brothers in mind. To such an extent that hybrids (demigods) began to appear.

The Bible also talks about this – about the connections between angels and people that caused the wrath of God. Supermen began to appear. Perhaps the so-called “blue blood” of the aristocracy is the legacy of aliens…

And in general, how can this blood be “blue”? There is clearly something alien here. These people, the “aristocrats”, have become serious competition for the aliens themselves. Especially at first.

The experiment began to get out of control, and the aliens themselves unwittingly began to become part of it. Then it was decided to send a cataclysm and destroy the civilization of blue-blooded demi-humans, the civilization of hybrids.

And leave only a pitiful handful of their descendants, whose blue blood has become more and more mixed with human, and not able to resist the higher power. Since then, the aliens have ceased to interact closely with people.

Is man a hybrid created by aliens 6

Direct contact was practically eliminated to avoid the mistakes of the past. But they didn’t stop watching. Therefore, we sometimes see mysterious UFOs, with the pilots of which, as a rule, it is simply impossible to enter into a dialogue.

And if this happens, it is very mysterious, confusing and not always believable. Like the aliens themselves, they deliberately introduce an aura of mystery, absurdity and contradictions so that a person does not understand what it is and remains confused. This is also part of the program.

But it was not possible to completely exterminate the blue-blooded. Some aristocrats were able to survive after the flood. Maybe megalithic structures were created for them?…

Is man a hybrid created by aliens 7

And, as we see, over time they succeeded. The enlightened bourgeoisie pushed the monarchy almost everywhere. This process could be provoked. Yes, it took place over a fairly long period of time, but aliens are never in a hurry and time flows differently for them than it does for us.

However, there was always a protector of people. Even the most fallen. This is none other than Prometheus, he is Veles in the Slavic tradition, he is Finist.

Once he gave people such knowledge that other alien gods simply did not give. And he, as the god of strength, patronized the aristocracy, the nobility of his kind in all ages, until it began to degenerate.

Is man a hybrid created by aliens 8

This was the reason for the fall of the monarchy. And then the veneration of Prometheus was picked up by the revolutionaries… Apparently, all this was inevitable.


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