5 small but very smart dog breeds

(ORDO NEWS) — When choosing a dog, each of us will pay attention to the different qualities of the animal. Someone dreams of a big pet that can babysit children, others want a dog that will become an excellent guard, others think about a small breed.

If you want to make yourself a smart but small friend, then our list will definitely come in handy! Just look at these charming smart faces!

1- Toy poodle

5 small but very smart dog breeds 2

These miniature poodles are one of the smartest small dog breeds in the world. Initially, the pets were bred as truffle hunting dogs, so they have excellent “hounding” skills.

Toy poodles are easy to train because they are very attentive dogs. If you wanted to do various sports with your dog (for example, agility), then this breed would do well in competitive programs.

However, it is important to remember that all poodles love to be in charge of the house. Therefore, from an early age, the dog needs to be explained who is the boss here.

2- Continental Toy Spaniel

5 small but very smart dog breeds 3

The main distinguishing feature of the breed is its size. The Toy Spaniel weighs less than 4 kg! But despite its small size, this dog is very active and intelligent.

She enjoys participating in various dog sports and loves to please her owner. Experts also note that these are very confident dogs that love adventure.

3- Sheltie

5 small but very smart dog breeds 4

The Shetland Sheepdog (Sheltie) is an intelligent, small dog that gets along well with children. The breed is usually bred to work as a shepherd.

These dogs have the ability to sense danger, and are excellent at learning new commands, performing complex duties and easily making independent but very logical decisions.

By the way, Shelties are very vulnerable dogs. Do not strongly scold your pet during training, he can be very offended.

4- Welsh corgi

5 small but very smart dog breeds 5

Corgis are adorable and smart pets. They are multi-tasking and are considered herding dogs. The breed was originally known for keeping an eye on cattle.

Representatives of the breed quickly learn new information, memorize new tricks and commands and are very fond of training. True, corgis can be stubborn, in which case they need to be appeased!

5- Fox terrier

5 small but very smart dog breeds 6

Fox Terriers were bred to kill mice, rats, foxes and other pests on farms. They have excellent hunting skills, but they are also very good with children and make great family pets.

This is not an aggressive dog that loves to spend time with the owner, delighting him with his tricks and knowledge.


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