Man got four COVID-19 shots to visit bars

(ORDO NEWS) — One Singaporean was vaccinated four times. Two doses of the coronavirus vaccine were received directly in Singapore, followed by two more in Hong Kong. The man wanted to visit local bars without any obstacles, and for this he needed to have a special electronic card, which indicates that the vaccine was given.

At the same time, doctors warned that being vaccinated more than two times can be very life-threatening. Reported by the South Morning China Post.

The Hong Kong government did not name the man, but it stated that he not only could harm his health, but also framed the doctors. They wasted a vaccine that could have saved someone’s life.

The authorities added that people should be as frank as possible when it comes not only to their health conditions, but also to getting vaccinated against coronavirus. What the man did is considered a criminal offense, so an investigation is underway. After its completion, certain legal measures will be taken.

In order to get vaccinated against covid in Hong Kong, it is enough to submit an application electronically.

Those who wish need to indicate their personal data, choose a drug and the time of vaccination. Doctors, as a rule, are interested in what kind of vaccination it is. If a person has already suffered from COVID-19, then it will be enough for him to give just one injection.


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