Animals that greatly affect the Earth’s climate

(ORDO NEWS) — The team used special population prediction models to determine how much damage wild pigs could cause to the climate. The influence of animals was studied at once on five different continents.

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Dr. Christopher O’Brian talked about the increasing number of wild pigs all the time. In the end, this can lead to a real climate catastrophe. Scientists noted that wild animals turn the soil in order to find food for themselves. Accordingly, a huge amount of carbon is emitted into the atmosphere. This leads to the fact that the climate is changing too quickly due to the increase in the level of carbon in the atmosphere.

Experts have created 10 thousand maps, where wild pigs live the most. After that, they established exactly what area of ​​soil is capable of disrupting existing populations. Additionally, during the study, factors such as the type of vegetation, climatic conditions and the height of the animals were taken into account. The results were shocking. Today, wild pigs are capable of damaging 124 thousand square kilometers of soil in an environment that is not their habitat.

This not only negatively affects the planet’s climate, but can also pose a threat to other species of animals and affect food security. Nicholas Patton added that in the future, specialists will work to contain the effects of climate change.


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