Astronomers filmed a black hole spitting out a jet of plasma

(ORDO NEWS) — Astronomers used powerful telescopes that belong to the Event Horizon Telescope project and this allowed them for the first time ever to record the process of ejection of a jet of plasma from a black hole. The photos turned out to be of very high quality and perfectly demonstrate this unusual phenomenon.

Additionally, scientists increased the plasma jets 16 times, which made it possible to learn more about the process. Reported by New Atlas.

Black holes are invisible to the human eye and can be fixed only when they manifest themselves with the help of the environment. Holes can suck in gases and dust. This material gradually heats up and starts to glow, which makes the background in the disc more vivid. This allows you to see a black hole in outer space.

Astronomers managed to study many black holes, but now their attention was attracted by an object that is located in the very center of the galaxy Centaurus A. The black hole has a mass that corresponds to the mass of 55 million Suns. It is she who emits incredibly powerful jets of matter from her central part. For the first time, scientists have managed to see this incredible process so close.

Due to the fact that the images are clear enough, they will allow scientists to obtain new data on the origin of the emitted jets. Experts were also able to find the beginning of the black hole by tracing the movement of the jet from its original point.


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