The common myth about the dangers of coffee has been refuted

(ORDO NEWS) — Scientists have conducted a sufficiently large study in order to refute the most common myths about the favorite drink of millions of people. The main goal was to refute the opinion that coffee provokes the development of arrhythmias.

JAMA reports.

Cardiologists recommend drinking as few drinks as possible, which contain caffeine, because it can disrupt the heart rhythm. Evidence for this was obtained by scientists in 1980, but after that the opposite was repeatedly confirmed.

Experts in San Francisco conducted a study that looked for a link between coffee and the risk of arrhythmia. They noted that this drink has a huge number of beneficial effects on the body. Coffee reduces the risk of developing such dangerous diseases as oncology and diabetes mellitus, plays an anti-inflammatory role.

In the course of the study, scientists analyzed information from 386 thousand people, which for some time was collected by the British Biobank. Only 17 thousand people developed arrhythmia over five years of observation. At the same time, the study participants talked about how often they drink coffee and in what quantity.

Scientists have not been able to find absolutely any connection between the development of heart pathology and the consumption of large amounts of coffee. In addition, they found that drinking coffee daily reduced the risk of developing arrhythmias by about 3%. At the same time, experts additionally took into account genetic factors that could in a certain way affect the body’s perception of caffeine.


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