The universe could be shaped like a giant three-dimensional donut

(ORDO NEWS) — During the next study, specialists were studying the relic radiation itself.

They found that the universe is actually flat, so it will expand constantly. Scientists have also suggested that it may have the shape of a huge three-dimensional donut. In this case, you can fly out from one point of the Universe and soon return there.

This is reported by Science Alert.

Thomas Buchert, along with his team, investigated the light emitted from the early universe.

They found that space could well be closed in all dimensions. Such a universe must necessarily have some kind of limit. Perhaps, in fact, space is only several times larger than the limits that humanity can observe today. For example, its end is 45 billion light years away.

It is worth noting that if the universe is flat, then its expansion will never end. If it turns out to be actually closed, then in the end result its complete destruction will occur.

The study of the relict radiation has nevertheless demonstrated that we live in a flat Universe, so we can be afraid that it will disappear someday, because in fact the expansion will never end.


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