Man believed in retribution for sins after being in hell

(ORDO NEWS) — A terrible story happened to a 70-year-old man from Xinhe village (Sichuan province) in 1998. A serious illness led to the fact that the old man’s heart stopped, the relatives were already preparing for the funeral, but in the morning the Chinese resident miraculously woke up, reports the WWW.PLANETANOVOSTI.COM portal.

The man woke up screaming and screaming not to be beaten. The relatives could not understand what was happening. When the clothes were removed from the elderly man, they saw that he was covered in bruises and blood. The sight was terrible and mystical because no one in the hospital could harm the Chinese. After a while, the old man told us what had happened.

The man immediately declared that hell exists. Demons and spirits are all real. There is a reward for good and evil. Each person will be punished or rewarded for their actions. If in the world death punishment can be avoided, in the other world it is impossible to do it.

When the old man’s heart stopped, he ended up with the ruler of the underworld Yanlo-wang. The Chinese man, kneeling, was surrounded by devils. Vladyka asked who the man was and where he came from. Then Yanlo-wang opened some book, which described the whole life, and said that the Chinese have two more years, he must return to the world of the living.

The man realized that he was burdening the children with his exhausted state, so he asked to shorten his term, to which Vladyka said an affirmative “no”. In addition, Yanlo-wang became angry and ordered to beat the unfortunate man. The man did not understand why he was beaten so hard.

Out of the corner of his eye, the old man looked at who was really punishing him. There was a landowner cousin whom the old man shot with his own hands and wealthy people who, in the past, a 20-year-old Chinese took land from, being obsessed with communist propaganda.

From the whole story, we can conclude that a man later learned about the boomerang effect, when everything he did returns in a double measure. You need to act according to your conscience so that you don’t suffer later.


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