Evidence presented that the coronavirus is of artificial origin

(ORDO NEWS) — Due to the repression, virologist Yan Limen, along with other scientists, were forced to leave their homeland so as not to be imprisoned. For a very long time, experts have been working on a report on the artificial origin of the coronavirus, which was presented on September 14.

The report stored in Zenodo is 26 pages long. It notes that most of the studies that revealed the real origin of the virus were frozen at the stage of compilation and publication of the report. Tough censorship has banned many things. Chinese scientists have long proven that the genomes of the coronavirus, as well as its structural features, conflict with the theory of the natural origin of the infection.

Yan Limen and three other co-authors found out that the Chinese infectious disease specialists took the bat coronavirus ZC45 or ZXC21 (or maybe both) as the basis. First, the genomic sequence of Covid-19 completely matches the bat coronavirus, which was discovered by experts from the military laboratories of the Third Military Medical University of Chongqing and the Chinese Institute of Medical Research in Nanjing.

Secondly, the receptor-binding motif of the causative agent of the disease, which is responsible for the penetration of the virus into the body, is extremely similar to SARS-CoV. This virus spread in 2003. And thirdly, the coronavirus is able to activate furin in the S-protein, due to which it easily enters the host cells. Natural coronaviruses do not have this ability.

It should be noted that a conflict of interest of the authors is noticeable in the work, so the reliability of some facts remains in question. In general, the artificial origin of Covid-19 has been known for a long time.


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