Harmless habit that provokes serious illness

(ORDO NEWS) — Everyone knows that night rest is very important, but not everyone understands what the lack of it can lead to, in addition to fatigue and irritation. Experts from the University of Illinois Chicago have found out what diseases are provoked by lack of sleep and the habit of going to bed late.

As part of the study, scientists studied sleep disturbances caused by changes in the daily routine in experimental mice. For 4 weeks, the rodents were disturbed by various methods of sleep, and then their brain activity, blood pressure, and pulse were measured. The excrement of rodents was also analyzed in order to find the microbial composition in them.

It was found that poor sleep leads to a significant increase in blood pressure: it did not return to normal values ‚Äč‚Äčeven after restoring sleep patterns. It follows that changes after sleep deprivation are long-term.

A week after the rodents did not get enough sleep, the bacterial balance in the intestines was disturbed. The concentration of microbes that provoke inflammation in the body has sharply increased.

Thus, we can conclude that sleep is an important component of a person. In the case of its low quality, the risk of heart attack, strokes, obesity, and other diseases and problems increases significantly. Moreover, oncology is not excluded. Try to always find time to rest, and in case of insomnia, go to the doctor immediately. It is also worth excluding all irritants during sleep, and before going to bed, drink a glass of warm milk with a spoonful of honey. The positive effect of milk is achieved due to its tryptophan content. This substance regulates the production of melatonin.


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