Man became ill with coronavirus spoke about terrible torment

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — 28-year-old Michael Prendergast arrived from England home in Ireland. Soon, he began to experience mild headaches, and after a while it became difficult for him to breathe, convulsions began. The man recalls that he was never so bad.

An ambulance took Michael on time: they managed to save the Irishman’s life. The virus weakened the man so much that he could not even raise his head. While in the ward, Michael analyzed his life. He wondered if he was a good person.

Young, in good shape, and at the same time turned out to be a slain virus. Everything completely contradicts the facts that go about the coronavirus: that supposedly only older people can hardly tolerate the disease.

The disease deprived the man of all strength. Apparently, the body wasted all its energy on fighting a stranger. Symptoms appeared in waves, a resident of Ireland noted. He urged everyone to observe quarantine so that no one would suffer like him. For a while, you need to leave beaches, gyms and parks. Coronavirus is a real killer.


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