Alien base discovered on asteroid Eros

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Scott Waring, a world-famous ufologist, studied the next official NASA images, which are regularly posted on the agency’s official website. Now the ufologist has begun studying the surface of the asteroid Eros, which is located not far from our planet.

He is confident that on the surface of the celestial body, the base of aliens is quite clearly visible. In his opinion, the explanations provided by NASA are too primitive and predictable. Experts believe that this rectangular item has a size of about 45 meters across. At the same time, the find was no longer commented on by scientists.

The ufologist is sure that the experts did not study this object well enough, but after his statement, perhaps they will react somehow differently. Now they certainly will not be able to hide from the public the discovered object or to erase it from photographs.

It is worth noting that some time ago, James Benford, a scientist from America, suggested that those objects that move in the same orbit with our planet, in fact, may be probes of alien civilizations. Of course, only a part of experts supported this assumption. Perhaps the asteroid Eros is also among such probes.


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