In Nigeria, a meteorite formed a giant funnel

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US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Some time ago, a meteorite fell in Nigeria. The fact that a powerful explosion and a huge funnel formed really as a result of a meteorite fall was soon confirmed.

On March 28, in the suburb of the small town of Akur, which is located in Nigeria, an incredibly strong and loud explosion frightened all residents. Because of it, the Akure-OVO road was destroyed.

In addition, a lot of houses, schools and churches were damaged. This information was provided by Nigerian sources. Frightened people did not understand what happened, but soon the experts made an official statement, which spoke about the fall of a fairly large meteorite.

It is worth noting that immediately after the incident, authorities said that it did not fall a meteorite, but simply a truck exploded that was heading to another state. Initially, the truck, according to the governor, was transporting explosives, and then the version changed to the fact that it was a terrorist act. Only then, experts called the real cause of the explosion.

Adepelumi Adekunle, along with other scientists, said that a meteorite entered the atmosphere of our planet at an angle of about 43 degrees. As a result of this event no one was hurt. In addition, the remains of some strange metal and strange stones were discovered inside the crater, the origin of which scientists cannot yet explain.


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