Oxygen continues to increase on Mars

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — People have been studying the Red Planet for quite some time, and some processes on it still surprise scientists and break down all theories that they previously created.

So, it has recently been established that oxygen levels continue to increase on Mars.

First, we note that oxygen makes up only 0.16% of the entire atmosphere. 95% is carbon dioxide, 2.6% is molecular nitrogen, and 1.9% is argon. Scientists have found that temperature fluctuations affect the layout of the atmosphere.

Using the Curiosity apparatus, a direct relationship between the time of year and oxygen fluctuations was revealed. The level of O 2 is inversely proportional to nitrogen. This is a chemical mystery that remains to be solved.

In the near future, NASA and ESA experts should study the atmosphere of Mars in more detail. Everyone hopes to get an answer that prompted the air shell of a neighboring planet to become more life-friendly.


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