Lead found in human remains 12,000 years old

(ORDO NEWS) — The human body can be contaminated with lead from a wide variety of sources. The air was no exception, as well as the diet. It is worth noting that this pollution can also negatively affect the development of children. Experts have established that for thousands of years, toxic materials and especially metals have affected human health.

The Jerusalem Post reports.

Experts analyzed the remains of 132 Romans, which were found in a cemetery almost 12 thousand years old. The study showed that the more lead production developed, the more it was reflected in the state of the bones. Scientists have recorded a fairly high level of exposure to toxins in some of the remains. Yigalya Erela said that the increase in lead production also affected the state of ground ice and a large amount of metal was deposited in peat bogs and lakes.

The process of cupelling, in which it is possible to obtain metals, was invented about five thousand years ago, then all the remains have noticeable traces of contamination. Throughout the Bronze Age, air pollution remained at about the same level and then increased slightly in the Iron Age. About 2500 years ago, there was a very sharp increase in the content of harmful metals in the air. It reached its peak directly during the active development of the Roman Empire.

The experts noted that if the connection between lead production and the concentration of the metal in the human body is not monitored, then this will have an extremely negative effect on the health of all people on the planet.


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